What’s Possible in 2018

Posted on Client Testimonials

After a week of overindulging over the holiday period many people use the start of the New Year as a golden opportunity to start new habits. For many people this is the same goal each year, to get in shape. This is a great goal to have and there is absolutely no reason why everyone…

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Why stress is making you fat!

Posted on Nutrition, Training
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In my consultation process with my clients I am often asked many questions relating to sleep quality and stress. Stress can majorly your physique. Your body’s response to stress (physical or emotional) is to release a hormone from your adrenal glands called cortisol. The role of cortisol is to give you an insulin spike (release…

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Top supplements for health and wellbeing

Posted on Nutrition
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Whenever someone is looking to improve their physique or improve their general health, supplementation should always come into the conversation. The supplement company is a billion pound industry with thousands of different options on offer from hundreds of companies. Its very…

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