Getting into the shape of your 20s

Getting into the shape of your 20s

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Getting back into the shape of your 20’s

The most common thing I hear when I get a new male start to train with me is that they want to get back into the shape they used to be in when they were in their 20’s. In peoples “younger years” hours were spent every week playing your chosen sport, however as you get older priorities change. Careers really start to kick off, family life becomes a large priority and free time really starts to become an issue. Bad eating habits start as you eat “convenient” food and are no longer exercising like you were in you were in your 20’s. The problem you’re not burning off the extra calories like you used to. Because of this the weight starts to pile on.

At the start of 2017 Andy was no different to the story above. In April he decided to make the change and by the end of 2017 he was the polar opposite as you can see in his crazy transformation below.

Andy is an incredibly busy man, he is very successful in his chosen field and he has to commute into London on a daily basis. All of this whilst balancing his family life.

So what did Andy do in order to achieve these results?

When Andy came to me for guidance he had already lost a stone on his own by reducing his calorie intake dramatically at home whilst doing the blood sugar diet. The first job therefore for myself was to add calories back into his diet and to make sure he was eating adequate levels of protein in order to recover from the weight training. We got him to track his food intake from day one as he had a tight time frame to work to. I gave him very clear macro nutrient goals for each day (levels of protein,fat and carbs to hit). At first it seemed to be a lot of food for him because he was on a very restricted calorie diet before. Understandably this can hard to get your head around when you’re trying to loose weight. But once Andy got used to the increased food volume (of the right type) he found that his energy levels throughout the day were much improved AND most importantly, he was loosing weight.

Regardless of time frame seeing results very quickly in the first couple of weeks is very important to me to achieve with the people i work with as it keeps motivation at full capacity! 

Andy is an “all or nothing” kind of man. When he came to me he was already very clear with what he wanted to achieve. This is because he had a couple of holidays in the near future which he wanted to get into awesome shape for (this also explains his tan in second set of photos). This meant he was very different to some of the other transformations I’ve done in the past. Because of the timeline we had to progress him at a faster rate than usual.

From a training stand point we got him weight training three times per week focusing on executing every exercise perfectly. Whilst Andy is male so enjoys lifting heavier weights he was patient with the approach so although the weights started lighter than you may expect he got a lot out of them!

As Andy was happy for me to “throw the book at him” in order to progress him as fast as possible. We also introduced a lot of basic supplementation very quickly into his diet. We looked at his sleep, digestion, recovery and “general health” and worked out the perfect regime for him to follow.

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Because Andy was so analytical and precise with his training (and he has a very supportive wife who helps him prep his food) he was able to continue to loose weight on a weekly basis whilst gaining a considerable amount of muscle.

As the weeks went on we included cardio in the days when he wasn’t raining with weights to ensure his energy output was high enough. This meant that Andy was able to loose weight on a weekly basis whilst still being able to add lean muscle.

To be honest achieving these results with Andy were very straight forward for me. This is not to take anything at all away from him as he worked his arse off throughout the whole process. It was simple because he set his mind to the process and followed the plan to a tee over the period.

There is no reason why anyone cant achieve this level of results. Doing it in a very short time frame isn’t for everyone. Most people i work with are happy to have more flexibility in their lifestyle and achieve results a little slower. However the job of this article is to show you whats possible in a very short amount of time if you put your mind to it!

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