Hannahs Story

Hannahs Story

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I can’t lie this post made my day when I read it last week! Unfortunately I no longer have the pleasure of training Hannah, but I’m so proud of what she was able to achieve in the time she worked with me!

Read her experience with me as her trainer below!

I’ve been meaning to write a review on here for a while, because I honestly cannot stress my recommendation for Michael at P.P.F enough. Not least for his patience (I could never pick up a technique first time off!), good nature, professionalism and knowledge when it comes to health, fitness and achieving goals.
I only lived in the Ely area for little over a year, so unfortunately don’t have access to Michael as a PT any longer, but he inspired me on a journey which I have since continued, and sent me away with many handy tips, and emails on correct form and technique which I find helpful to fall back on now.
I trained 1 hour sessions 1-2 times a week with Michael, every week for 9 months. Initially my intention had been to have just a few sessions to learn correct techniques, but I came away every time inspired to take what I was learning further.
I’m a petite female who had little to no strength whatsoever when I began this journey. I should also mention that I’d begun crossfit classes elsewhere a month or two before, and without understanding correct form had quickly become prone to weekly injuries that weren’t getting better.
We began from absolute basics, correcting all the bad habits I’d learnt. My goal personally was to gain weight and strength. I’m small and eat well generally but my diet still had scope for improvement. Michael set me macro goals which we gradually monitored and modified as I moved through my program. This was incredibly helpful. If you’re solely using the internet for guidance it can get very confusing with all the conflicting info and meal plans out there, but the macro plan I was given was a simple way to slowly reduce body fat in conjunction with building muscle.
We worked predominantly on strength, with minor amounts of cardio built into the end of my sessions. The time spent focusing in detail on correct technique has been invaluable. I’d also like to mention that he will take note of exercises that you particularly dislike, and will instead incorporate alternative ways to work on those areas. Recognising that if you don’t enjoy training on something, you won’t do it in your own time! So speak up!
Another thing to mention is that Michael is constantly working to develop his own skill set and knowledge, weekly imparting new tips that he had learnt from his own trainer onto his clients. It seems to be a real passion for him, not solely a job, and that was further proven by his general enthusiasm in and around the gym. If needed, he will voluntarily give an additional 10 minutes of his own time after a session to demonstrate new stretches, talk through supplementation etc.
Anyway, I hope this proves useful to anybody weighing up whether to get PT session with Pride Personal Fitness. Do it. Michael trains people of every shape and size, and a whole range of goals. Personally, these PT session opened up a whole new world for me! I train religiously, and can’t even describe how good it feels when you begin achieving and then exceeding goals. Thanks P.P.F for all your help on my journey!”

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