How to improve your posture

How to improve your posture

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If you’re reading this article the chances are you have poor posture. I would guess that over 90% of the people I start to work with suffer with poor posture. Due to the lifestyles the average person leads in the modern day it creates a number of different issues with our posture. The most obvious thing people notice in regards to posture is the stereotypical rounded shoulders. The other super common problem I see with people is an anterior pelvic tilt (hips tilted forward which causes a lot of stress on the lower back!) This is because we tend to spend most of our days either sat at a desk on the computer or driving. Improving your posture will help you to increase the activation of your core on a day to day basis this will mean that you will to expand more energy which can only be beneficial from a weight loss point of view.

Below I have shown a couple of transformations from the end of last year which clearly show the effect improving posture can have on your body image. (along with reducing body fat admittedly)

Now most people would assume that poor posture is because of tightness across different muscles with chest and hip flexors being the top culprits on everyones lists. Whilst this may be partly true it is not the primary reason in most cases. The reason is for most people (and this includes people who can lift large amounts of weight) that you are weak as a kitten…

As i mentioned above this doesn’t mean that you can’t lift a lot of weight, you may well be able to. It means that certain muscles in your posterior chain (down the back of your body) are weak. Most importantly your glutes and hamstrings in your lower body and your mid-traps and rear deltoids and rhomboids in your upper body.

Your body is designed to be as energy efficient as possible, therefore your body is incredibly effective at shifting force to where you’re strong. So this means that unless you work these muscles in isolation and learn to do so in the fully shortened position and fully lengthened position you may never work them at all, even if you working the muscles around them.

From a training point of view these issues explain a lot of issues people commonly complain about in the gym including:

  • Pain in lower back doing squats or deadlifts etc
  • Pain in front of shoulder/ not feeling chest when doing bench pressing or flies
  • Spasms under shoulder blades
  • Pain around elbow joint

and many more…

As you may be able to imagine from the common issues above it is therefore very likely that if these issues aren’t addressed then over time you will pick up little injuries. Most of the issues above are normally caused from other muscles having to compensate for another muscle being incredibly weak.

The good news…..

A very weak muscle is very easy to strengthen! If you learn to train these muscles you can correct these issues can be addressed very quickly. Between the back pictures above theres only 6 weeks difference!

If you would like a free copy of my postural based workout split then please get in contact and I will email it across straight away!



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