Lack of Equipment is Stopping You From Losing Weight

Lack of Equipment is Stopping You From Losing Weight

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In my opinion anyone who is serious about losing weight as efficiently as possible needs to join a gym. This is not to say that you cannot lose a large amount of weight without the use of the gym. You will be able to make significant changes to your body by simply changing your diet and increasing your energy expenditure. That said if you want the best possible results it is vital that you join a gym.

A large majority of your training should always be based around weight training. Whilst you can can do many forms of weight training at home or at boot camps etc it will still not be ideal as there will be a lot of different elements lacking!

To explain in more detail I have listed my top 5 reasons why you need to join a gym!

  1. Work your posterior chain effectively!

Your posterior chain refers to the musculature across the back of your body. These are the muscles in our body which tend to be weakest which can lead to poor posture, injuries etc..

It is possible to work these muscles with very basic equipment. However with the appropriate equipment you will be able to progress these muscle ALOT faster.

2. Exercise Selection

Not every exercise fits everyone. Doesn’t it makes sense that the same exercise that fits a male who’s seven feet tall with long limbs may not fit a five feet tall male with short limbs? This is over simplified but you get the point.

By having a lot of equipment available to you have the options to chose the correct exercises to suit your body. By doing this you will be able to lose weight much more effectively.

3. Muscular Balance

If you’re reading this your muscles will be imbalanced. Everyday you will do things which over however many years you’ve been alive will add up. Your body is very clever, whenever it has to do anything strenuous it will always try to avoid muscles which are weaker and place the strain to muscles which are stronger. This can very easily lead to injuries.

Without the option to do the correct exercises you will not be able to balance out your body as your body will continue to use its stronger muscles. Many of these exercises are impossible without gym equipment.

4. Exercise Variation

There’s only so many times you can do squats, push ups and burpees right? I would recommend sticking with a program for 4-8 weeks at a time but after this point its often very beneficial to change the exercises you’re doing. This not only keeps you progressing at a faster rate but also gives you more variety to keep it interesting!

5. Easier to track progress

You want to make sure that your progressing weekly. If you’re used to doing classes or boot camps etc it can be very hard to see if you’re progressing weekly. Its much easier to change the variables in a gym environment (weight, reps etc).


If you’re thinking about starting the gym but don’t quite know where to start feel free to get in contact with me directly.

If you want an idea of a good program to start with my “Four stage weight loss formula” has a great beginners gym program within it. This can be downloaded for free on our home page.


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