Losing Weight and Takeaways!

Losing Weight and Takeaways!

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Is it possible to lose weight whilst still enjoying a take away at the weekend?

In short , the answer is yes it is definitely possible.

However in reality for most it is incredibly unlikely.

To lose weight you have to be in a calorie deficit. It doesn’t take a qualified personal trainer to tell you that take aways are going to be very calorie dense!

In theory you could subtract the additional calories from the rest of the days throughout the week to “accommodate” for the take away at the weekend, but this would take careful planning and it’s likely you will be hungry throughout the week.

If you decide that it is worth being a little hungry all week for one meal then thats completely fine! However for most the cost is not worth the reward.

Instead remember all of you favourite takeaways can be made from scratch at home. This will likely reduce the calorie consumption massively (and make it easier to track), most likely taste better and save you money in the process!

Yesterday I chose to make fish and chips!

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