Losing Weight is as simple as stepping up a curb

Losing Weight is as simple as stepping up a curb

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I was listening to a podcast earlier on today when I was driving to my morning appointments and I heard the analogy “losing weight is as simple as stepping up a curb”. I absolutely loved the simplicity of it so i thought it would be good to share!

The first step of walking up a curb is noticing that the curb is there.

What we can relate this to is noticing that you want to change something. It may be the realisation that you are overweight, it may be that your doctor has just told you that your blood pressure is very high. Whatever it is the first step is to notice the issue/ the step is there.

The second step for walking up a curb is to lift your leg a little higher than you would do normally so you don’t trip on the curb and fall.

Many people once they notice that they need to lose weight don’t change anything. If you don’t do more about it then you currently are (lift your leg a little higher) then you can’t expect anything else to change. At this point you can either take action and lift your leg higher by joining the gym, start running, hire a personal trainer or whatever else it requires for you to get yourself going. Or you can take one look at the curb and turn around and walk back the way you came.

After this you are up the curb. Yes there maybe other curbs along your route but the very first step is to get up the first curb. If you don’t get used to spending a lot of time around the house.

If you would like a hand stepping up the curb please feel free to message me directly.



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