Personal Training in Cambridge

Personal Training in Cambridge

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It’s quite common when I take on a brand new client that they have had some form of personal training in the past. Unfortunately, more often than not I’m less than impressed with what they were previously doing with their personal trainer. To be 100% honest it actually makes me quite angry because it gives the industry and my profession a bad name.

Hiring a personal trainer should be seen as an investment in your health. Many people think that a personal trainer is just there to help you to train harder. Whilst a trainer will help with that, a good personal trainer will be able to help you with so much more.

With this in mind there are few a thing you need to consider before you decide to start working with a personal trainer in Cambridge. You’re investing money so you need to be sure that you are hiring a professional and not somebody who is just “winging it” as they go along.

So before you decide to start working with a trainer, here’s a list of 5 things you should expect from their service to be sure you have picked the right trainer.

  1. A full assessment prior to starting – this should include both a posture and mobility assessment as well as a very detailed questionnaire to find out exactly where you’re at with your training, nutrition, sleep, digestion etc.
  2. A full training plan – Including workouts to be done when you’re not with your trainer.
  3. A nutrition program – This doesn’t have to be a set meal plan but you should be given a lot of guidance of what and when to eat. This should include regular adjustments to ensure you’re making progress weekly.
  4. Constant contact from your trainer between sessions
  5. Education – You should have a full understanding of why you’re doing what you are doing.

If you have a personal trainer already ask them what they have planned for you over the next 4-6 weeks. If they cannot answer the question straight away in detail then you need a new trainer.

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