Reducing inflammation to be healthier and happier!

Reducing inflammation to be healthier and happier!

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Inflammation can be linked to obesity, fat gain, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and several stomach issues.
“Acute Inflammation” is seen as a good thing and is an important part of any healing process whether you have broken a bone or you are trying to recover from a  tough workout.
However a lot of people who come to me have whats called “Chronic Inflammation”. Chronic inflammation (normally caused from habitual factors such as pollution and poor diet) is what happens when the body sends out an inflammatory response to a perceived internal threat that does not require a inflammatory response. This means that your body becomes inflamed when there is no need for it to be.
Here are my top two tips to reduce the level of inflammation across your body!
1. Balance your omega 3 – omega 6 ratio
For optimal health you want your balance of omega 3 – omega 6 to be even. In the common western diet however the average ratio is 15:1 in favour of omega 6 which leads your body to become inflamed.
With this in mind you want to increase the amount of omega three you put in your diet. the best sources of omega 3 are:
  • Fish oil tablets
  • Oily fish
  • Flax seeds
  • Chia seeds
2. Remove Trans-fats from your diet
Trans- fats have been shown to increase cardiovascular inflammation and cholesterol levels. Trans-fats also interfere with your bodies ability to process beneficial fats such as your omega 3’s that help to lower your inflammation.
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