Sams Transformation!

Sams Transformation!

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Sam’s Journey 

The transformation you can see above was done over a 16 week period working with me online. I’ve known Sam for a number of years as we used to play rugby together for Newmarket. His journey with online training started with me when I bumped into him at the gym and he mentioned he was struggling to lose weight in his current dieting phase.

As we began to discuss through his current protocol it became clear to Sam and myself that although he had a good understanding of what he was doing already there was a lot of things he could be optimising in order to see results as quickly as possible. At this point he decided to take action and start working with me.

The first stage of starting to work with any client is to find out exactly where they are starting out. In order to do this I asked him to fill out a detailed questionnaire. This allowed me to formulate a very detailed plan for Sam to complete.

Below I have broken down each stage of what Sam Followed to get the incredible results he got in such a short space of time.



The Food… 


Sam ate well before he spoke to me. Therefore the normal process of “cleaning up” his diet wasn’t appropriate. In his case the biggest changes we had to make was his nutritional breakdown and his nutritional timings.

We took a cyclical approach to his calorie intake during the whole process. What I mean by this is that his daily calories changed between high, medium and low calorie days based upon the specific needs of that day.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
High Calorie Medium Calorie Medium Calorie Low Calorie High Calorie Medium Calorie Low Calorie 


His high calorie days were focused around training the muscle groups which we wanted to focus on growing the most. In Sam’s case this was chest and shoulders mainly.

The low days were taken on the two days he wasn’t training at the gym as these were the days he required the least amount of energy.

And the medium days made up the rest of his days.

Over the course of the 16 weeks we done very little manipulation of his food. We only changed his calorie intake three times over the whole dieting phase!

Food Timings 

Food timings refers to how you breakdown your macros nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) throughout the day. The exact amounts and guidelines I gave him I won’t share as they will be very different for everyone. This said the general rules we gave him at the start of his process are valuable for anyone who is looking to lose some body fat. The main rules we gave him are:

  1. Breakfast will be made from proteins and fats only.
  2. Every meal should contain greens
  3. Split your protein evenly throughout the day
  4. A majority of your carbs should be eaten around your workout (pre workout, intra workout and post workout). High glycemic carbohydrate to be used post workout… His choice was normally coco pops!

The training… 

The training split

In order to get the most muscle growth possible you want to train a muscle as often as possible providing that it has enough time to recover. We decided that in order for sam to have a balanced physique the main areas he needed to work on were his chest, shoulders. Therefore we prioritised these muscle groups early on in the week and insured we could train them twice within the week.

A very basic form of his training split looked like this:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Chest, Shoulder & Triceps Upper back Focus  & Biceps Legs Rest Chest, Shoulders & Triceps Lats focus & Biceps Rest


**** If you would like his EXACT training plan please contact me directly and I will email it across to you! ****


The Training Phases 

Phase One 

The first two weeks Sam had one very simple goal. To make sure every single rep was absolutely perfect. The amount of weight you are able to lift is important for sure, however it is more important that your execution is perfect first. Within Sam’s training program I gave him very detailed mental and physical cues to ensure he was getting the very most out of every rep and every set. Although this meant that he had to drop the weight considerably to start with, it allowed him to ensure that he could feel the target muscle through every single inch of every rep!

During this phase for the first two weeks I asked Sam to record one “working set” of each exercise and send it across to me so I could analyse. This meant that although I’m not there in person Im still able to send him a voice note/ video back with anything that needs adjusting in order for him to get more out of the exercise!

Phase Two 

After this his simple goal was to keep the exact same execution every workout but get stronger at them. He was told to write down the weight and how many reps he got on each exercise. The following week he either had to add more weight or add more reps. Providing that your execution doesn’t get any worse this means that you HAVE to be gaining muscle.

If at any point he didn’t feel the exercise as well as before in the target muscle he would film the set and send it to me again for analysis.

Although in the initial phase Sam had to lift less weight than he previously was he has now been able to massively surpass the weight he was lifting prior to working with me. The difference now is that he does it with perfect form so is building more muscle!



For the first 12 weeks of the process we didn’t add any set “cardio” workouts to his training at all. We gave him daily step goals to hit (10,000 steps for a majority of the process) and that was it.

In my opinion for weight loss specifically cardio should be used as a tool to increase energy expenditure. For the first 12 weeks Sam was losing weight without cardio so there was no need to add any in. The only reason we added it in the last four weeks was to keep him losing weight at the same rate without having to drop his food any lower.

Even at this point he was only completing cardio twice per week.

Check ins… 

Every Monday morning I asked Sam to check in with me to ensure progress was being made on a weekly basis. This meant that he sent me his morning weight as well as pictures (in the exact same lighting and pose) from the front, side and back.

As his coach I needed to be sure that the scales were going down weekly in order for Sam to get into the shape he wanted to for holiday. I ask for photos so I can see A) where the weight is being lost from and B) where muscle is being built.


There is nothing on Sam’s supplement list that I think would be detrimental to anyone reading this therefore I’m happy to share the complete list of everything he used. If you have any questions on anything that’s on this list please email me directly:


Supplement Dosage Time Purchased from
Multi vitamin As recommended AM Amazon
Fish Oil 5g of EPA&DHA combined AM Amazon
B12 As recommended AM
D3 5000 iu AM Bulkpowders
Greens (taken with glutamine and apple cider vinegar) As recommended AM Amazon
Glutamine (notice above) 10g AM Bulk powders
Pro biotic As recommended AM
Highly branched cyclic dextrin 25g Intra workout Bulk powders
EAA 10g Intra workout
Electrolytes 1 serving Intra workout Bulk powders
L-Theanine 400mg Before bed Amazon
Magnesium Glycinate 250mg 1 dose at 1800        1 dose at 2100
Ashwanganda 1800mg total Split between 6&9 Amazon
Digestive enzyme as recommended before each meal


What sam managed to accomplish over the 16 weeks he worked with me prior to his holiday is absolutely incredible. His work rate and his willingness to learn are second to none. As his coach I’m so monumentally proud of what he’s accomplished.

There is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t achieve the exact same level of results if you put in the same level of commitment in. If you would like help putting your perfect plan together so you can get into the best shape you’ve ever been in then please contact me at:

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