Simple tips to stop hunger when dieting!

Simple tips to stop hunger when dieting!

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Do you feel hungry when you diet?

I want to start this by saying if you still hold large amounts of body fat you shouldn’t need to feel hungry whilst dieting. A lot of the people I train need to eat more rather than less to loose weight.

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This said there comes a point in many peoples weight loss journeys where they are in a large calorie deficit in order to loose the last bit of body fat. Because your body requires more calories in order to keep homeostasis (everything in your body the same) your body will tell you that you’re hungry so you put more calories into your system. This is a very clever system your body has for safety however isn’t great when you’re looking to lose weight! No one wants to go to bed hungry, I’ve done it plenty of times personally whilst dieting and to be perfectly honest it was awful!

So what can you do in order to relieve your hunger?

With all the clients I train I will always tell them that they do not need to track the calories from greens.  This is because they have very minimal calories and a chunk of the calories they do have are from fibre so are purely used for digestion. What this means is that you can eat a massive portion of greens with each meal to help to curb your hunger without it effecting your calorie goal for the day.

*** In the very large bowl in the picture at the top shows a fairly typical bowl of greens for me whilst I’m dieting…  Unfortunately I’m not good at making food look pretty, tastes good though… Incase your interested in this bowl i had: broccoli, green beans, spinach, pepper, courgette, fresh coriander, chilli, ginger and garlic ***

Other tips to curb hunger whilst dieting

  • Choose carbohydrate sources which are less dense in carbs
    • Sweet potato instead of white potato
    • Brown rice instead of white rice
    • Wholemeal pasta instead of regular

*** please note this doesn’t mean they are better for weight loss just means you can eat more of them for the same amount of calories***

  • Space your food out according to your daily routine. When you are training or when you are busiest your body will require the most food. Eat more of your daily calories at this time. I will personally eat around 50% of my daily food before, during and after my workout.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Read the labels of the foods you eat! Chances are there is a treat that tastes just as good but is less calorie dense!

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