The First Three Things My Clients Do!

The First Three Things My Clients Do!

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Unfortunately it’s around this time of year where peoples new years resolutions for losing weight start to fail. Whether it’s because motivation has dwindled or because your results have stopped February tends to be when I see a lot of people giving up on their new fitness goals.

To help you avoid this from happening to you I thought I would share the first three things I get all of my new clients to do when they start working with me. All three are very simple and can be actioned as of today to help you to stay on track!

Drink three litres of water a day!


Not only will you feel more ten times better throughout the day, there is also a lot of research to suggest multiple ways it can aid in weight loss including increased calorie burn and decreased appetite.


A lot of my clients find it easier to buy a 2 litre drinks bottle to to fill at the start of everyday to help them track the amount they drink!

2. Track your food


I often tell my clients for the first week to not change what they eat and just to track it. The primary reason for this is that it starts to give you an idea of how many calories are in various foods. Although everyone in the back of their heads know that “poor food choices” are very calories dense. I find its very beneficial to see a whole day added up in front of you.


I find the easiest way to track food is using the “myfitnesspal” app. Don’t forget to use the barcode scanner to make the process much quicker!

3. Greens and proteins

**The target here is split into two 1. Have protein with every meal of the day 2. Have three different greens/vegetables with lunch and dinner everyday**


Very few people have enough protein or greens in their diet. If your body is deficient in nutrients than it will not burn body fat optimally. Proteins and vegetables (vegetables especially)also tend to be the most filling which will help with portion control and appetite.


Plan your meals in advance. If you know what you’re going to eat each day you are much less likely to grab “convenience foods”.

If you need any advice on how to lose weight in 2019 please feel free to contact me directly.

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