These Three Things Will Stop You Losing Weight!

These Three Things Will Stop You Losing Weight!

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If you have the goal of losing weight in 2019 you are going to need to be in a calorie deficit. In simple terms what this means is that you need to intake less calories than you burn off during the day.

The easiest way to reduce your calorie consumption is to focus on eating nutrient dense whole foods and reducing the processed foods you eat.

That said there’s also a lot of little things we consume on a daily basis that very quickly start to increase our daily calorie consumption for the day. Whilst they may not seem like a lot on their own they can very easily be the difference between you losing 2-4 lbs per week and losing nothing.

Where these extra calories comes from will differ from person to person but I have listed the three most common sources I have found from the hundreds of people I have worked with.

1. Your cooking oils

Most of the cooking oils we use on a daily basis are very calorie dense. One table spoon of olive oil has 125 calories. One table spoon isn’t a lot, in fact the average person uses two table spoons (250 calories) per pan when cooking. That means that if you were to cook using olive oil twice per day you could be having an extra 500 calories!

Now this is not me telling you that these are bad for you. Far from it, olive oil is a great source of healthy monounsaturated fat. However it needs to be accounted for when tracking your daily consumption.

If you really want to keep your calories to a minimum try using “fry-light” 1 cal spray instead.

2. Your teas and coffees

This one largely depends on how many cups you drink on a daily basis. One cup of tea with two sugars has around 35 calories in it. This means that even if you only have three cups per day you are still having over 100 calories.

If you drink a lot during the day try to reduce the amount of cups you have. If you only have a few cups slowly reducing the amount of sugar you put in your tea and your coffee.

3. Sauces

Some sauces are much more calorie dense than others. The best thing to do as always would be to make your own. Failing that have a look at the labels on the back before purchasing. Some of the tomato based sources will still be very low in calories. Others like BBQ sauce could have up to 75 calories per serving (try weighing it next time you have some no one only has one serving!).

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