This could be the limiting factor to why you’re not getting any results!

This could be the limiting factor to why you’re not getting any results!

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Why do you train?

For me, I have always loved sport. I played at a very good level of football throughout my childhood and in to my late teens. However if I’m being 100% honest it has absolutely nothing to do with why I started weight training. The reason why I started weight training was completely due to vanity. To put it in simply I was tired of being the tall lanky kid and I wanted to attract more attention from girls.

Eight years down the line I’m still training even though I’m no longer “lanky” (here come the sarcastic comments!) and I don’t need attention from girls because I have a beautiful girlfriend. So why am I now at the point where I love the gym more than ever?

Whether it’s strength, size, weight or anything else I constantly have multiple goals within health and fitness that I’m aiming for. This means that when I hit one goal I continue to push forwards because I still have other goals to accomplish. I also ensure that as soon as I hit that goal I’m quick to set another one.

Why does this all relate to you?

Well, to start off with many people don’t even have a clear goal in mind. So is it any surprise that you’re losing motivation to stick with the weight loss journey? Yes, you have said you want to lose weight, but why do you want to lose weight?

Is it because you’re uncomfortable wearing your swimsuit on holiday? Is it that undressing yourself in front of your partner makes you feel uncomfortable? Or maybe you struggle to play outside with your kids for a long time because you get out of breath to easy? Whatever your reason you have to make it personal and meaningful to you if you’re going to stick to your goals.

Once you have your primary goal in place be sure to set multiple other goals to aim for in the short term to keep yourself motivated. There is no bigger motivation than progress. It is addictive. Once you see that by sticking to your plan you can progress on a weekly basis the journey becomes much easier!

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