This is why you look the same as you did last year

This is why you look the same as you did last year

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If you look around most gyms at the regular faces you will probably notice that a vast majority of people don’t look that different from year to year despite putting hours of work in at the gym. I completely understand that not everyone in the gym is trying to change there body shape, everyone has their own reasons for training which is one of the reasons why I love what I do and the industry I’m in. However I would argue a majority of the people who are in the gym are aiming to change their body shape in one way or another.

Lets say you train three times per week for around an hour each workout. That means that you are investing around 156 hours per year (6.5 full days) into changing your body shape. That’s a lot of time to invest in something which isn’t meeting your goal!

Below I have put the top three mistakes people make when they are trying to change their body shape and what you can do to change them in order to be sure that you will look different this time next year!

Problem : You don’t train hard enough!

Are you pushing yourself hard enough when you’re training? Your workouts should be hard, this is not me saying that you need to throw up during every workout. Far from it, but you need to push your body hard if you want it to change. Everyone I work with is surprised how far they can push their body when it comes to it.

Answer : Remember why you’re in the gym and what you want to accomplish with that workout. If your goal is big enough the only logical thing is to work hard for it.

Problem : You’re doing the same thing every workout!

Your body will adapt to the demands you put on it. If you do the same thing every workout your body will become very efficient at that workout. It wont however adapt past where it needs to. If you don’t change the demands on your body, your body will not change.

Answer : Stick to your program but aim to progress your workout each week (progressive overload). Aim to improve your technique, add more weight or add more reps each session. This will create a new stimulus for your body to adapt to. Once you can no longer progress your workouts weekly it’s time to change your program.

Problem : Your diet is ruining it!

You cannot out train a bad diet. At the end of the day you need to be in a calorie deficit (eat less calories than you consume) otherwise you will not be able to lose weight.

Answer : Start simple. Start by tracking the food you are currently eating using “myfitnesspal”. The food you eat now will lead you to the shape you are now. If you don’t know where you are now how will you know what you need to change?

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