Why Ladies Should Lift!

Why Ladies Should Lift!

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It’s a common misconception that people who want to lose weight should do cardio and people who want to gain weight should do weights. This is why when you look at most gyms during peak hours you will see mostly men in the weights room and mostly females in the cardio room.

Most females when they initially start to work with me have never done any form of weight training before. Personally I am of the very strong opinion that whether you’re trying to gain weight or lose weight, male or female, that weight training should take up a majority of your training time.

Lets start by addressing the main concern females have with weight training… Putting on “too much muscle” or starting to look “bulky”.

Testosterone is the primary hormone used for building muscle mass. Females typically have around 10% of the testosterone males have. It is incredibly hard for females to develop large amounts of muscle mass. Those who have developed a large amount of muscle have done so deliberately and have worked very hard to do so.

With that out of the way lets look at my top 3 of the countless benefits of weight training for females.

  1. Increased metabolism

Every pound of muscle you put on your frame you will burn an additional 50 calories per day doing absolutely nothing. Can’t be bad right?

2. Improved posture

Whether its rounded shoulders, tight hips or tilted pelvis most postural problems are caused from weak muscles. If you want to look to fix these issues you have to strengthen the muscles. To do this you will need to incorporate resistance training.

3. Body shape

As you body fat levels decrease you will be able to see the your “body shape” in more and more detail. The lean/toned look that many woman strive for will be accomplished by adding muscle mass to the right areas. If you don’t have any muscle mass you will have very little shape once you have lost the body fat.

The only difference between male and female training should be the muscles you are likely going to want to develop. Men may want to develop their arms and chest as much as they can, whereas females may want to focus on glutes hamstrings and back. Other than that training should be exactly the same!

If you would like any help developing a training program please contact me directly at: michael@pridepersonalfitness.com

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