Would Your Child Eat That?

Would Your Child Eat That?

Posted on Nutrition

Here’s a question for you…

If you wouldn’t feed it to your child everyday, why do you eat it on a daily basis?

One of the most common reasons I get from the executives I work who want to get in shape is that they “want to be healthier for their children”.

Even though I do not have any children myself I struggle to think of a many better reasons to change how you eat.

I was going through one of my new online clients food diaries recently and I asked him the question. “Would you let your three year old eat the same snacks as you daily?”

Because there was a lot of chocolates and other simple sugars obviously his answer was no.

If eating a certain way does not align with your goes then change it. And more importantly set an example for your children and stop being a hypocrite!

I never tell anyone off for eating a certain way, everyone I train is an adult so they can do what they want. However questions like this make you think!

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